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Windpower plant



- Locating and Potential Analysis
- Develop alternatives for the needs of investors
- Wind measurement station installation, maintenance repair and service
- Data tracking, control and monitoring and evaluation of measurement results
- Coordination and meteorological evaluation of the General Directorate of Meteorology
- Preliminary Study, Determination of Turbine Locations (Micro-Sitting)
- Preparing projects according to legislation
- Logistics organization and planning
- Turnkey Installation of Wind Power Plants
- Performing on-board tests
- Technical and commercial operation and commercial operation of the facility
As MOGAN GROUP, we provide turn-key services focusing on solutions to investors at all stages from wind energy project development process to field design, installation, maintenance and operation. Expert and experienced project and technical application staff are solved in the most ideal way with its technological equipment.
Mogan Energy Iraq
Wind turbine
In its simplest form, a wind turbine consists of three parts.

1. Propeller Wings :
When the wind blows, the wind hits the wing of the propeller and starts to rotate it. In this view, kinetic (motion) energy is obtained by wind energy. The propellers are designed to turn in the same direction when the wind hits.
2. Shaft :
The shaft connected to it by the rotation of the pavilions also starts to rotate. Rotation of the shaft also creates movement within the motor and electrical energy is provided at the output of the motor.
3. Generator :
There is a very simple way of working. Electric energy is produced by electromagnetic induction. Small toy cars are similar to electric motors in cars. There are magnets in it. In the middle of these magnets is also a section wrapped with thin wires. When the propeller shaft rotates, this winding region in the engine begins to rotate in the middle of the magnets around it. This results in an alternating current (AC).

Today's wind turbines are more complex than windmills that are used in fields. Windmills are not widely used in our country. Now let's continue to recognize modern wind turbines.
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