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Wallpaper, wallcovers

Wallpaper Types
Wallpaper applications, which are an important option in interior and exterior decorations and where aesthetic and useful results can be obtained when applied properly, are shaped in accordance with criteria such as personal taste, floor characteristics, paper options. The wallpaper types should be examined according to the above criteria and the wallpaper type to be used should be selected accordingly.
The types of wallpapers are generally listed as follows;
Paper-Based Wallpapers
The wallpapers consist of two superimposed layers of wallpaper. One of the plates is printed. Thus, the overprinting remains on the paper after the printing process.
Embossed Wallpapers
It consists of a layer of paper and multicolor, three-dimensional color pastry paint. Its processing is extremely easy and can be applied to walls that are exposed to external influences or even to moist areas such as kitchens and bathrooms.
Vinyl Wallpapers
It consists of a sheet of coated paper which is processed by hot pressing. This results in a particularly attractive surface appearance. It is also suitable for walls or damp areas that are affected in the same way.
Fiber Wallpapers
Compared to paper-based wallpapers, it is used as a very special fiber, wall paper and carrier material. There are two types of wallpapers, such as relief or vinyl.
Other Wall covering varieties;

Special edition photo / poster applications

Picture wall posters are a simple and economical way to change the look of your home or office. It's easy to hang it with a wallpaper glue. We print and apply in high quality printing presses in sizes and models you want with our concept. With 3D visualizations, you can add a different atmosphere to your spaces.
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3D (three-dimensional) decorative wood coatings

The fact that 3-dimensional wooden coverings are produced as panels gives a great deal of convenience in assembly and transport and saves time. Long-lasting, handy and environmentally friendly wall coverings add a three-dimensional difference to the space with a decorative look. It is more expensive than other wall covering models because it is made of wood, but thanks to its natural appearance, it adds value to your decor as well.
Erbil Wallcoverings

PVC tensioning (Barissol) Wall applications

You can use it as a lighting element or as a decorative wall or ceiling element. The PVC tension ceiling systems are an exceptional material that offers highly stylish and original designs that can fit into any size. PVC Tension ceiling systems can be heated and applied to desired form thanks to its special structure. It can be summarized as a technique of applying PVC based membrane to special aluminum profiles in various colors and textures. It allows flat, circular and other geometric shaped ceilings as well as radiant applications such as vault and dome. Thanks to this flexibility, each project has its own unique design in ceilings and walls. The color you want allows you to create very special effects in your room when you use it with light.
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3D (Three dimensional) Stretch panels

Styrofoam material is used to make various decorations such as wood and stone on the upper parts and many colors are painted. You can use it as interior decorations according to your decoration. Because it is a lightweight material, its application is very easy. It also supports sound and heat isolation. It is the most suitable 3-dimensional coating type in terms of price. Certain standard plate sizes are available. It is unclear when the locations of the joints are made by skilled persons.
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