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Pergola, awning, sunshade

Mogan Automation


Without any construction permits needed and with fully automated folding, allowing the possibility of using during the summer and winter, the lastest technology, ergonomic and functional products.

Mogan Automation TR

azebo Systems

It is a conical stretching system with high quality PVC membrane built on four legs.
Main skeleton is steel construction, special zinc cover.
The system is modular and can create infinite areas.
Mogan Automation Erbil

Hibernal Buildings

Membrane constructions are applied in the form of suspension - stretching designs in a specific way to the areas of the desired scale. Large areas may be permanently or temporarily applied.
Membrane constructions are systems that are applied in various forms in the form of suspension - stretching to give a different, stylish and contemporary image to the spaces.
Mogan Automation IRAQ


With its telescopic mechanism installed in its body, the umbrella is lifted up while closing and descending when opening. It is not necessary to collect the table chairs under the umbrella during closing.
When it is opened, it gives more protection against the inclined sun rays from approaching near to it.
Mogan Automation

Awnings & Sunshades

It is a self-cleaning system thanks to the brush in the box, which is designed as a completely closed box, which can take its arms and fabric in a stylish line with its special design.
Mogan Automation KRG

For Balcony & Windows

For window and balcony sides, full box option is available.
It is a tank system especially designed for windows and built-in balconies.
It is a suitable system for covering the gaps between the window, the balcony and the two walls.
Ideal for closing stores and stylish places.
Mogan Automation Iraq

Special Production Awnings

It is a quarter-circular system that is ideal for shops and windows that open and close with a threaded mechanism.
It is a system that can be designed in desired shape and size to create a stylish, aesthetic image on windows, building entrances and facades depending on the location and the request.
It is a system that is applied to the entrance of the spaces of the premises and the garage tops in a semi-circular manner.
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