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Wall partitions

You can see that the decorative changes that you make with the wall dividers, which are among the notable elements with its decorative features and comfortable installation features, are much more advantageous than you in terms of using large areas in sections. From this point of view, you will benefit from the use of wall partitioning systems to ensure that your working conditions are more efficient in your large area and that all of your employees work more comfortably in their area.

Moreover, when you want it allows you to use your office decorations in different ways, these partitioning systems are among the biggest advantages that you can provide. It will be possible to get rid of noise and image pollution which will be disturbing to your employees and customers when changing the decoration on this vault.
It is to make your office, your building or your room more efficient by dividing according to your purpose of use.

Also according to the purpose of use ;

- Appearance type partition walls (Glass - Aluminum style)
- Semi-visible type (style made by applying sand on glass)
- Fully enclosed type (not visible closure)
- Acoustic wall panels (when sound insulation is required)
- Full partition wall (creating separate section)
- Half partition wall (open office style)
- Modular partition wall (type which can be opened and closed with movable panels)

Material alternatives in partition walls :

- Gypsum / Cementboard (insulated or insulated)
- Brick, Ytong style partition walls
- MDF, HDF coating on wooden carcass
- Special type acoustic panel
- Glass and / or aluminum profile systems
- Movable partition walls
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