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Parquet flooring


The parquet floors are the most used flooring products today due to their natural appearance and long life. These floors made from wooden products are floor pavers that have different colors, texture and various features. With their proper maintenance and use, the life of wooden floors is quite long.


All of them are made of the same wood, and the tongued-and-grooved parquets are also called solid wood parquet. However, today it is a product produced and used by more backward countries. Besides natural beauty, it carries big risks. Because the assembly is usually applied to concrete slab, the wood "works" because of the difference in humidity and temperature from the floor, if necessary from the upper surface. Moisture-absorbing wood will expand and expand, and in very hot environments, the parcels will open between them. For this reason, the parquet loses its original feature. In parcels made from well dried and unfired trees, these things appear earlier. The solid wood parcels should be expected to be more durable and adaptable to the environment for a few days or climate and weather conditions in the upholstery.


They are constructed and polished ready-made parcels which are obtained by pressing on top of each other with the fiber direction perpendicular to each other. The middle layer is placed in an inverted position on the upper and lower layers, preventing the tree from operating. It is especially preferred because it is ideal for places that are heated from the floor and it provides ease of application in living spaces. Lamine parquet, same as laminate floor, is applied on Polyethylene mattress by "float system" method, only passing places are glued. In the case of solid wood parquets, the color differences that are experienced after the screed-lacquer are not in the laminated parquets. It is scraped like a solid wood parquet, polished. Wooden parcels are very special and hard varnishes applied during production, increasing their resistance against crushing and scratching. It is a kind of parquet that you can use in every kind of places where you can experience the naturalness of the tree and feel its warmth.


Laminate parquet is a material obtained by combining the layers in different structures, hardened and bonded under high pressure, and consists of 3 layers. Laminat Parken has many advantages. Namely; It is quick and easy to apply to places, it is not scratch, it is not affected by the furniture feet or the wheels of the seats in the offices. It is resistant to Aleve and cigarette fire, does not burn. It is not affected by the sun rays, the color does not fade. It does not stain. It is hygienic, does not contain bacteria and germs. It is a contemporary material and its life is very long. However, since laminate parquet is wood based, it should not be used in bathrooms, showers and industrial kitchens.
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