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Handmade Furniture


You can add value with "special production furniture" within the scope of the project which will be made to your office, your room, your stores, your villa, your restaurant, your café or your branches. In addition, special concept designs can be made for corporate firms and brand awareness can be created in the offices of all branches. We make special design furniture, decorations, stands.

Advantages of custom-designed furniture and decor works

- If you have furniture and decorations not owned by anyone,
- You will not have to depend on the standard production furniture,
- You can evaluate every cubic meter of your room according to project measures,
- You do not depend on the measurements and colors of ready-made furniture,
- Or you can make furniture decorations which are very old but can not be found by showing pictures of you.
- You can determine the quality of the material.


ONLY  200 USD/set


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