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Ceiling decoration



- Gypsum board suspended ceiling
design & implementation
- Wooden ceiling design & aimplementation
- PVC Tension ceiling (Barrisol) implementation
- niche wall decor implementation
- Fiberoptic lighting ceiling implementation
- Classic decor plaster & plasterboard implementation
- Metal suspended ceiling design & implementation
- implementation with Italian decor paint
- Gold and silver foil implementation

Things to consider :

- What kind of furniture should be used in the ceiling? (Modern, classic, avant-garde, neo-classic)
- Is the ceiling height greater than 3 meters?
- Is the planned place for the ceiling getting sunshine? Do you have enough daylight? (The lighting fixtures, customs, strengths and layouts to be used together with the ceiling design are also important)
- Materials planned to be used for ceiling decoration should be in accordance with the consent of the area to be applied. (Gypsum, gypsum board, pvc tension ceiling, papier-mache, wood coating, acoustic coating ...
- Ceiling decoration can additionally be enriched with complementary products. (Such as Italian paint, silver or gold foil applications)

Ceiling decoration architecture plays an important role as well as choice of floor and wall operations. The decoration of the interior decoration will be determined by floor material and color, wall painting and wall decoration, and ceiling decoration according to the style of the furniture to be used. Also, where ceiling decoration is to be done, ceiling height is also important.

As you can see, when you think of decorating even a small room, many elements, functions and materials are entering the circuit. In order not to distort the concept or to make changes over and over again, the experienced people of your progeny have to draw and prepare their own companies.
In this regard, we offer solution partnership services. We are getting the best result by taking your thoughts and combining it with our technical knowledge and experience.
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