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Your professional solution partner in the disciplines of architecture & engineering.

As MOGAN GROUP,      we have over 20 years knowledge and experience ; Starting from architectural & engineering planning, we are doing turn-key works in many projects both in Turkey and abroad.

We aim to get you successful results in a co-ordinated way as "your solution partner" by rescuing you hesitantly about where you will start and what you will do in your projects that you think you will implement.

The main countries we serve as Mogan Group are:
- Ankara / Turkey                             - Tehran / Iran
- Arbil (Erbil) / Iraq                          - Baku /Azerbaijan
- Dubai / B.A.E.                                - Tbilisi / Georgia

Our main service areas are as follows 

- Wearable robotic exoskeleton
- ReWalk Personal 6.0
- ReWalk Rehabilitation
- I-Limb Ultra revolution
- Utah Arm robotics
- Motion Foot
- Architectural Engineering plannings
- Interior Decoration design
- Exterior design implementations
- Special Furniture production
- Smart roofing systems
- Intelligent vertical glass systems

- Turnkey construction works
- Construction Cost Analysis
- Consulting, Projecting Services
- Steel Construction Designs
- Manhole Steps
- Paint & Insuation materials
- Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
- Regulator (Voltage stabilzer)
- Generator sales & technical service
- Operating control & isolation panels
- Solar Energy systems planning
- Wind Power Plants planning
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